Have you TRY humanatic call review ?

Dublin, Ireland
August 30, 2016 3:57pm CST
Humanatic: Listen To Calls For Extra CashHumanatic pays home agents to listen to and categorize recorded business phone calls. You can work at home (or anywhere) and make extra money without making or receiving calls! All you need is your computer and speakers, and a verified PayPal account. Humanatic pays home agents to listen to and categorize recorded business phone calls. here is the link ,worldwide opening i made 300$ SO FAR but i am not active person here but many people made 30 or 40 dollars daily. just registered with them they will review your applicattion and accept you within week i am lucky because they approved me in two days. thanks
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@dramagirl26 (3333)
• Ringgold, Virginia
30 Aug 16
I've been with Humanatic for a while and occassionally review calls. My main critique of Humanatic is the pay is low and it can take a while to reach the payout amount.
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• Dublin, Ireland
31 Aug 16
yes pay is too low.
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@SIMPLYD (84479)
• Philippines
15 Sep 16
I actually was registered there . However , id din't push through because it seems hard for me since i have a problem hearing through a headphone .
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@just4him (128384)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
4 Sep 16
I'm glad you found another source of income. I've heard several people on myLot are doing that.
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@zarlamain (24874)
• United States
31 Aug 16
No, I haven't. Way to go!
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@rina110383 (24069)
30 Aug 16
No, haven't tried that site. I think someone from myLot is active on that site.
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@rubyriaz007 (4290)
• India
3 Dec
I have tried humanatic.com.I found it very difficult to understand what they say.So I stopped using it.
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