Email from Ken Mehlman, RNC Chairman

@Snooze (610)
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September 7, 2006 3:32pm CST
"Impeachment. Cutting and running from the War on Terror. Key defense systems dismantled. Tax cuts repealed. Speaker Pelosi. That's what America could look like one year from now if Democrats take the majority." That's the first part of his email. I'd like to get your take on it. I haven't heard any democratic congresspeople suggest impeachment. The most I've heard is censure, which I think is appropriate. Mehlman suggests Democrats will cut and run from the war on terror. What exactly IS the war on terror, and have you heard ANYONE suggest cutting and running from it? Key defense systems dismantled? Again, I have no idea what he's claiming here, other than to incite fear. Tax cuts that really a bad thing? We borrowed money to pay for those tax cuts...that's money, plus interest, we'll be paying in the future. Speaker Pelosi? What's wrong with that? Someone who won't be Bush's puppet, and will force him to be accountable for his actions. Sound good to me! What do you think?
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@djbtol (5498)
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26 Jan 07
There is no doubt that Nancy Pelosi is bad news. However, she is not really worse than most of the Democrats. I do not think she is as mean as Hillar, but no doubt a close second. If you blow away all of the smoke and mirrors, the Democrats are one nasty bunch. And strange too - see this: