Do you need to take any medication to maintain your health in a daily basis ?

Hong Kong
August 31, 2016 7:50am CST
taking medication everyday is surely not a fun experience but sometimes, we do have no choice if the doctors said so. I do have to take some med for my irregular heart beat in a regular basis . How about you ? share with us ?
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@CinnamonGrl (6073)
• Paradise, California
31 Aug 16
Not for anything but pain. I do need pain medication and have ever since a surgery I had a dozen years ago.
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• Hong Kong
31 Aug 16
Oh, I hope you can gt off from your pain as soon as possible.Pray that Jesus can heal you then.
@rina110383 (24064)
1 Sep 16
I don't take meds on a regular basis.
@Corbin5 (123373)
• United States
31 Aug 16
No, I do not have to take any medication to maintain my health. If my kidneys flare-up due to an autoimmune disorder, then I take cortisone, but have been very lucky to have no flare-ups for years.
@NJChicaa (48694)
• United States
31 Aug 16
oh I take all sorts of medication. It is absurd. Blood pressure, cholesterol, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, and anti-reflux.