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@shivamani10 (11200)
Hyderabad, India
September 1, 2016 10:03am CST
Today Brother-in-law bought three tickets and asked sister and me to get ready for the movie. It was a Telugu movie with title 'JANATA GARAGE' The movie is got a different theme. The subject chosen was on 'Pollution' and also protecting the helpless people against the suppressiveness of the powerful and elite class in the society. The movie lays stress on environmental protection and protecting the greenery of the nature. A situation comes when the father has to take a decision when the hero informs him that his son murdered his own uncle and also responsible for bomb blast killing several innocent people. He says 'the plant not nurtured properly and a son not brought up in a disciplined manner should not be allowed to grow' . His wife requests him 'how can he get his own the only son killed? He questions her 'There are many parents who have lost their own sons in the bomb blast conspired by her son.'. Finally, he kills his own son. The Son in the last movement tries to convince his father saying 'I am your only son Dad, excuse me, Dad'. But, he shows no mercy and kills him. Another nice scene is the Commissioner of Police calls for the Hero.When the hero Contacts the Commissioner he says' you are an educated person. How can you take the burden of each and every fellow on your shoulder when they come with tears in their eyes and pick up a quarrel with other people. There is bright future for you".The Hero asks the Commissioner 'the people are approaching me not just for help sir. They are becoming helpless and approaching me. Why don't you stop them approaching me? Why don/t you give them assurance and instill confidence in them"? He leaves the place. The Commissioner of police tells his subordinates " This man is quite balanced and highly dangerous' The movie is very nice with a peculiar theme not touched by any other producers previously.
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@amadeo (70421)
• United States
1 Sep 16
I am not aware of this.But I know a lot of good movies comes out from your country
@responsiveme (16835)
• India
1 Sep 16
It is an interesting film.
@nomus24g (24406)
• India
1 Sep 16
Telegu movies are nicely made