My Younger Brother

@Juse99 (85)
Beijing, China
September 1, 2016 12:30pm CST
I have a little brother,he is fourteen years old this year. In my mind,he is a sensible boy. He can do a lot of housework,especially he can cook. Sometimes he cooks buns,which is very delicious! What's more,he is very filial to his elders. For example,there are good things he always shares to our parents and grandparents. And he helps them with their work at all time. Besides,he is a kindhearted child. He will give assistance when others are in trouble. Also,he will care for and take care of others. In my heart,i deeply love my brother. He was born when i was six years old,because my parents are busy with their work,so most of time, i put my brother up . Therefore he is very dependent on me. From his birth to the present,we have many good times ,there are a great many happy memories,i hope that we can always go on like this. I strongly miss my younger brother.
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@CinnamonGrl (6065)
• Paradise, California
1 Sep 16
That's so sweet. My son is five years younger than my daughter. They are adults now and my son lives in a different state, but my kids make sure to keep in touch. We get to visit with my son around the holidays. He and his fiance come for either Thanksgiving week or Christmas week every year. I'm glad my son and daughter still get along. It sounds like you have a nice family.
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@nomus24g (24878)
• India
1 Sep 16
that's so sweet of you...sibling love is the best thing on this universe. where is your brother now?
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• United States
1 Sep 16
He is gone away my friend? You miss him because he is gone or because he is no longer small? He is a treasure to you and all that he touches, that is clear. A good heart.
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2 Sep 16
I can relate myself to your brother. I was very love by my older sister. Sadly, i don't have communication with her today. :(
@marlina (77841)
• Canada
1 Sep 16
Do you live far away from your brother now?
@ivansin (631)
• Hong Kong
1 Sep 16
Although I have not younger brother, I have a younger sister and elder brother. We have many happy memories too. I think we are very lucky, because we are not only child in family. I know many people, only child, are very lonely. Their parents need to work and they have no brothers and sisters play with them.
@skysnap (18039)
1 Sep 16
its interesting that you miss her.
@ms1864 (6975)
• Bangalore, India
1 Sep 16
that is really sweet. ..where is your brother now? Studying in some other place?
@Corbin5 (115891)
• United States
1 Sep 16
Such a blessing your little brother is to your entire family. He has a lovely big sister in you! I am six years older than my sister; she will always be my baby.