You Never Forget the First Time

@FourWalls (14693)
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September 1, 2016 11:30pm CST
Or, "A Rude Introduction to Something That's Supposed to Give You Peace of Mind." I'm a reasonably good car owner. I don't ignore the scheduled maintenance. Monday I had my car serviced. That included a tire rotation, balance, and alignment. This evening, as I was leaving home for a 240-mile trip to Fort Wayne for our golf tournament finals that dreaded "check tire pressure" light came on. Thankfully I was very close to an exit (and one with a truck stop) so I immediately got off the road and checked. Nothing. While eating I did a quick google of the tire pressure light for my car. Sure enough, when the tires are rotated or aligned (or if you put air in them, according to one site) the "check tire pressure" system in the car needs to be recalibrated. The last time I had this done for this car was at a local service place (I love them because they took such good care of my previous car, and they treat me like a customer instead of a woman). No problems. This time I had it done at the dealership. You'd think the guys who work on those cars all the time would know to recalibrate the tire pressure system. That was a scary experience when it first came on. I'm glad it's there, though. To commemorate the first time I had to deal with my tire pressure warning system, here's a "wheels" song, and a great one at that:
"car wheels on a gravel road" by lucinda williams. video by sherry.
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@crossbones27 (20779)
• Redlands, California
2 Sep 16
At least you know it is nothing major. That song is cool. Sounds a little folksy and stuck in between rock and country.
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