Fall is knocking on the door

September 2, 2016 11:14am CST
Sitting outside for awhile so my youngest can ride her bike in peace and I can tell fall is in the air. It's much cooler than what is has been and I actually love fall I just don't care for whats to follow after especially around these parts winters are so hard here bruttally cold temperatures,snow and ice yuck. I hope that we mild winter this year past couple of year have been brutal and seem to go on forever. But for now I will enjoy the nice weather we have left the breeze feels so good and I've already seen leaves starting to fall. October is probably my favorite month out of the year because I love halloween. Can you tell the season's starting to change where you are?
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@CinnamonGrl (6074)
• Paradise, California
2 Sep 16
Actually yes, it's much cooler here. We don't get bad winters like you are describing. We feel lucky when it snows once a year because it's a little excitement, lol. The MOST exciting was the president's day holiday weekend when we received three snowstorms in a row. It was a freak thing to happen here, and nobody was prepared. Some of the roofs weren't made for it, and there were cave-ins. I was mainly mad because it was over a three day weekend and we were able to get out and go to work by the end of it. It was fun to play in the snow. But for your sake, I hope YOUR winter isn't so harsh.
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2 Sep 16
WOW yeah it always scares me especailly when there's ice because we seem to have power outages. Im usually climbing the walls half way through the winter,lol.
@5thHouse (1692)
• Sheffield, England
4 Sep 16
I love this time of year. Both my kids were born in autumn so I think that's why I get this sort of 'nesting' feeling over the autumn months when I want to make my home cosy.
@marlina (80590)
• Canada
2 Sep 16
Oh yes, I can tell that the sun has a very different angle.
• Lenox, Georgia
2 Sep 16
It will still be hot here for a while yet. We usually have to wait until the beginning of November to start to feel a big difference.