Which way do you prefer to earn with for your online posts?

Staten Island, New York
September 2, 2016 2:49pm CST
I've been writing for various content paying websites for some years now. Some sites allow me to earn with Google ads (ad clicks) and ad impressions from Google ads and other ad networks, while others allow me to earn from views on my posts (pay per view). I think I prefer to earn from ad impressions and post views rather than from ad clicks. And here's why. While I can potentially earn more with a few ad clicks than with a big number of post views or ad impressions I may not earn anything at all if no one clicks on the ads. With ad impressions or post views as long as there is at least some traffic to my posts I will earn something, even if that amount is small. Curious to know what other writers think... Do you think it's better to earn from ad clicks or from post views and/or ad impressions?
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@theBlock (2698)
• United States
2 Sep 16
@lovebuglena I don't know much about earning money online, but I should start to learn.