Leftovers for dinner

San Jose, California
September 6, 2016 2:14pm CST
Sometimes it's fun to have a leftover entree for dinner, because it means I don't have to cook that night -- it's already done! Other times, I either don't have quite enough for a full meal or the leftovers weren't something that was very popular with the rest of the family. In these cases, I have to get creative. I either have to find a way to stretch the leftovers to make a full entree or I have to rework the entree so it's different enough to interest people into eating it. Sometimes it becomes soup, sometimes it gets worked into a casserole, and sometimes it becomes chili or pasta sauce. What are some of your creative ways of using up leftovers?
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@abonnen (39)
• United States
14 Sep 16
My favorite way to use leftovers is to recreate them into a new meal. I love using roast leftovers to make tamales, empenadas, beef and noodles or barbecue sandwiches. I use left over chicken to make potpies, pastas or bbq sandwiches as well. I have even been able to recreate spaghetti into a yummy casserole. I think not wasting food and making new recipes is a lot of fun
@louievill (20321)
• Philippines
6 Sep 16
My favorite is Chinese style fried rice if there is chicken or pork barbecue and rice left over.
@marlina (80526)
• Canada
6 Sep 16
If I have spaghetti leftover, I make a casserole out of it by adding pepperoni and shredded cheese on top.
@MALUSE (45865)
• Uzbekistan
6 Sep 16
You can also make a salad out of leftovers. I'm good at using up leftovers.