Everytime I Get Cash for Service

September 9, 2016 5:13am CST
It feels good doing favors to people. I never complain when someone asks me to do something as long as I have enough time and I'm capable of doing it. My friends say I'm too accommodating, but they loved it. I don't ask anything in return. I just feel satisfied as if my mission is complete when I see their smiles. Well, some just offer food, that's tolerable, but money, I don't think it's right. I don't know But others would tell me it's just right to pay off for my efforts. I sometimes return the money but they kept on putting it on my pocket over and over, I couldn't do anything but accept it just to end the conversation. As the saying goes "to refuse an offer is an insult" so I take it that way, for them not to feel insulted. I don't spend them immediately, I keep it and when I don't get any choice.. well... Sometimes, when I get some cash from doing the errands or making stuffs for someone, I give it to my partner, just to pay off his effort in baby sitting. Although it is our own child, I still have to give him a little reward, for him to enjoy or buy himself some stuff..
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@ilocosboy (34418)
• Philippines
9 Sep 16
that's good it's just like my wife she is babysitting the child of our neighboor without pay she just want to babysit and my kids love also the baby
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@LdeL0318 (6445)
• Philippines
9 Sep 16
Yeah, it feels rewarding even if you don't actually asking or expecting people to give it. But sometimes it's their way of showing appreciation.
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@hereandthere (31982)
• Philippines
9 Sep 16
it's good that you put the money aside because it helps when you need it. i'm glad you also share it with hubby.