Precious Thing

September 9, 2016 6:37pm CST
Love is the most precious thing on earth, not the eros one... but the agape love that God Jesus share with us as he sacrifice himself in exchange for our freedom and cursed in hell! Jesus show the second manifestation of LOVE to us, first when he created us even though He does not need us, second is when he save us from rotting in to hell... the moment we rebelled... he gave us a chance to come back to his mercy and goodness of his love for us. Jesus is the reason why we have what we have right now all the rewards like family, friends, career and other things that makes us happy which help us to be greater and greater each day which makes God happy and glorifies his naame! ALways put our trust to God Jesus... and be thankful to everything he has done, seek him and he will reveal his self to us... The Only Living and Powerful Mighty God... Jesus.
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• Allendale, Michigan
11 Sep 16
I agree with you about what our Lord and Savior has done for us by giving his life on the cross and rising again. Yes he has given me new grandchildren at least three more so that makes a total number of six. I am seeking him more now because I am older and read the word more. I am glad we both have the agape love God provided for us through Jesus. My trust in him grows more everyday. Thank you for writing this today, You really gave me some great encouragement.
• Philippines
11 Sep 16
Cool! It is nice to meet you here. And I hope there is nothing or no one can be ever made us sway in our love and faith in God but increasingly growing each day. I am glad that you are having a lot of grandchildren I hope I can build a family too.
@Daljinder (20848)
• India
10 Sep 16
Being grateful is good trait
• Philippines
11 Sep 16
And what good about that trait is you get a greatr reward from God.... yeah!!!
@crafty01 (335)
• Jamshedpur, India
12 Sep 16
I agree every event in our life ids governed by the supreme power GOD.