No Stopping Changes

@Teep11 (7279)
United States
September 10, 2016 12:04am CST
There's no stopping changes. Change will occur whether we want change to occur or not. Not everyone is fond of change. Thinking that change is bad. There's a lot of positive changes. Changes that will help us grow. Bo one can stop the changes that will occur in our lives. We simply have to learn to accept change. Accept the choices other peoples choices. Trying to stop a change from occurring is a waste of time. Just let things be. Allow the flow to occur. Never know some changes provide a better life beyond what anyone can imagine. A lot of people fear change. They'll do anything to try and stop a process from occurring. Everyone has to be allowed to change, transform, and grow.
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@thelme55 (15633)
• Germany
10 Sep 16
Yes, there's not changeable as changes in our lives. Wether we want it or not.
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@Tampa_girl7 (27422)
• United States
19 Sep 16
Very true......things are constantly changing.
@Yar_Joey (3295)
• Philippines
10 Sep 16
I believe that the only permanent thing on earth is CHANGE
@skysnap (18216)
10 Sep 16
True even the idle rock goes through natures change.
@ms1864 (6974)
• Bangalore, India
10 Sep 16
I have read somewhere, the only thing constant in this world is change.