stay focus!

@QueenAva (765)
Nicosia, Cyprus
September 10, 2016 4:21am CST
Dreams and visions will remain just that if you don't follow up and pursue them. Dont be distracted and allow peoples opinions to take you off of your course...Be Bold and specific. Be focus on your visions, dont get them out of your head until you implement them . In most cases sadly your friends and family will be the first ones to laugh at you for dreaming so Big and dreaming behind your current financial reality. Your curent status is not your future, you can change that! Stay focus!
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@7864aru (170)
• Pune, India
10 Sep 16
That's true. Family & friends are supportive as long as they think what you are doing & trying to do is right according to them. If they don't agreed the will always tease you for your dreams & make you realise that your dreams are not realistic. So, you need to take stand for yourself & most of time opposition will give you the power to make your dream reality. Law of science hold true. ' to every action there is equal & opposite reaction.'
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@Happy2BeMe (75123)
• Canada
10 Sep 16
You can achieve anything in life it you set your mind to it.
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@shubhu3 (14275)
• New Delhi, India
10 Sep 16
Yeah no matter what happens we must never lose our focus.
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@Daljinder (21703)
• India
10 Sep 16
Exactly right! Family and friends are truly the first one to scoff at you.
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