Free adblocker browser...

Jacksonville, Florida
September 12, 2016 8:45pm CST
I was having a hard time writing, with all the pop-up ads on myLot, and other social sites. It was making it very difficult, and also it was driving me nuts! So I did a search in the Google App Store, to see if they had an app to block pop-up ads, and I found several. However, the very first one I tried, was called "Free Adblocker Browser" by Rocketshield, Inc. And let me tell you... It works awesome!!! No joke!!! As long as I use this browser, I have not seen one pop-up! There is a downside... If you are working on a site like SwagBucks, where you need to see the pop-ups in order to earn cash...then you will need to use your other preferred browsers. Or you will have a hard time earning your cash. Trust me... Try it... You will like it... LOL
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