Killing Continues

@ilocosboy (37465)
September 15, 2016 6:07am CST
In view of current news in our country, I would like to report to you guys that in our province, there are 27 drug personalities already killed since the start of war on illegal drugs in the Philippines. Out of this 27 killings, only two was said to be an operation of police and the 25 cases have unknown suspects. It could be done by the syndicate, by death squad, or just by neighbor but just connected to illegal drugs. There is now war, war against drugs, and lately a war in the senate committee hearing where the senators are attacking or depending themselves or their party just protect their own stature.
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@antonbunot (9672)
• Calgary, Alberta
15 Sep 16
I hope nothing happens to Prez Duterte! I read that there is a whistleblower, who used to be one of Duterte's henchmen, reciting in the house all the bad things about the president. In fact, according to this man, the president even gunned down a man when he was still a mayor!
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@Ayuriny (5176)
• Denpasar, Indonesia
15 Sep 16
Hopefully everything will back to normal again soon. And there'll be peace in your province, no killing any more.
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@TRBRocks420 (82942)
• Banks, Oregon
15 Sep 16
Very sad and, I pray the killing will stop.
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