Which type of oil do you use for cooking ?

Hong Kong
September 20, 2016 4:28am CST
I used peanut oil before hand but since it is not that common today and not healthy as well, I started to use olive oil for cooking. Olive oil is quite expensive in this city and it is hard to find a good one as well. I knew that many brand from Italy or from Spain can still be a fake one , so it is not that easy to find good and cheaper olive oil in here. Coconut oil ? I think maybe another good choice. How about you ? Share with us.
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@skysnap (18054)
20 Sep 16
We have coconut and peanut oil. we use that depending on the type of food.
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• Calgary, Alberta
24 Oct 16
My current obsession is the avocado oil. it is what I use for frying and baking
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• Hong Kong
24 Oct 16
good for you.
@SIMPLYD (85073)
• Philippines
20 Sep 16
Aside from olive oil which is expensive , we can use canola oil because it's a healthy cooking oil as some health book advocates . At home , we use canola oil sometimes coconut oil . I don't know if coconut oil though is a healthy cooking oil .
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@XinfulThotz (4184)
• Singapore, Singapore
20 Sep 16
our family switched to coconut oil. it's healthier and got a nice scent..
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@marguicha (104359)
• Chile
20 Sep 16
I use sunflower oil for cooking and olive oil for salads
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@raki369 (1025)
20 Sep 16
we are using Sunflower oil for cooking
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@TheHorse (73732)
• Walnut Creek, California
25 Oct 16
I use olive oil for everything, even pancakes!
@NJChicaa (47656)
• United States
20 Sep 16
I use extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil
@else34 (13602)
• New Delhi, India
20 Sep 16
@wildlittlefan,We in our family use mustard oil for cooking.
@5thHouse (1692)
• Sheffield, England
20 Sep 16
I use olive oil mainly or sunflower oil for things like roast potatoes. I like to buy the olive oils that are infused with chilli or garlic.
@topffer (36486)
• Goa, India
20 Sep 16
We do more cooking with butter than with oil in my place. I use sunflower oil for French fries, olive oil for some fried dishes, and walnut or hazelnut oil for salads.