To Baker Act or Not

By Cool
@CoolPeace (1587)
Miami, Florida
September 20, 2016 12:23pm CST
Many people who have mental illnesses are stereotype by society because some in society are not educated about mental illnesses. If someone who has a mental illness get mad because someone made them upset which is a reactions many will have. The person will get admitted into involuntary psychiatric hospitalizations (Baker Act) and taken by the ambulance while the police are present so they want refuse the hospitalization. A Baker Act to be more clear is a hospitalization of someone who has a mental illness or anyone who appears to be a threat to others or themselves by a police, physician, judge, and or a license mental health professional . They probably didn’t get mad because of hallucinations or disorientation but someone did something to them that caused them to become aggressive. Before someone becomes Baker Act it should be determine if they got mad because someone did something to them and they just need to leave the situation and not Baker Act. I want to know your thoughts on this?
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@sofssu (18372)
22 Sep 16
It would be difficult to determine that on the spot... This is actually a prevention/protection measure.
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@CoolPeace (1587)
• Miami, Florida
22 Sep 16
You be surprise that they automatically get hospitalized because they have a mental illness. They probably got aggressive because someone did them wrong.
@OreoBrownie (3653)
• Commerce, Georgia
21 Sep 16
Here someone would have to talk seriously an out killing oneself or others I think.
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