American Gothic (2016)

@JESSY3236 (8082)
United States
September 21, 2016 5:47am CST
Right before the tv summer season began, I saw that they were having a tv show called American Gothic coming on. I thought they were bringing back the old show. The old show (American Gothic) was a supernatural show about a South Carolina town. It was really good. But No, this show American Gothic is something totally different. nothing supernatural about it. American Gothic 2016 is about a family named Hawthorne. They end up being part of murder mystery case. The summary on the CBS website is very deceiving. It says the killer comes back after being gone for many years. Most of the show points to Garrett because he does comes back after being in the woods for many years. (My mother kept saying that it can't be Garrett because it's too obvious. she was right.) The season finale did have a twist I didn't see coming. I don't know if there will a season 2. One website says there will be another season, though. If there is, I will definitely watch it.
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