@RitzzView (2759)
September 21, 2016 12:45pm CST
When I felt deeply hurt, I could feel my eyes automatically filled with tears, a lump in my throat ache so bad; but I ended up trying to gulp a sip of water and put on a plain expression on my face. Such a habit to avoid the feelings and emotions. Sometimes seems like society is even discouraging to openly express our feelings. I can't be happy always! That's the truth, nobody can be! Sometimes I feel I must take it easy with my feelings. I definitely feel the need to take some time for my emotions. I just ended up with blasting out..like, literally throwing my emotional state with the other person. I didn't end up being angry or being blaming someone, but I just said "now I'm tired of it, I'm so tired of it. Please, I can't take it anymore" Yes, I was being expected with something. But more than that, even I expected more out of me. But I don't think I want to do it anymore, I want to be open with my feelings(at least with myself). Suppressing hurts more. Why does it seem so hard? Have it been hard for you to express as well? Or am I alone..? Please feel free to share your story as well..maybe I and many here would be helpful with it.
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@april_ang (576)
21 Sep 16
Some emotions allowed you to meet another side of you. The side that you never know you have, but she is you. I never knew I could get so angry before I felt a brokenhearted, then suddenly it makes sense why people can get violence over something/someone they love and care about. My advice, shake her hand, embrace her and tell her that it's okay. I took my time to know myself and be alone so I won't hurt others. And when things go south I tell myself "Be still, my soul."
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