What is the Problem of Latest EDUCATION SYSTEM ???

@likun123 (298)
Angul, India
September 23, 2016 12:33am CST
The most fundamental problem for the education system today is that it is trying to prepare students for jobs that don’t yet exist, to use technologies that haven’t yet been invented, in order to solve problems we haven't yet identified as problems. In the Age of Technology, Shift Happens So the real problem for our current education system, is that it was designed to prepare students for the industrial age, and is not yet flexible enough to adapt its content, processes and assessments for the new conceptual age that is now bearing down heavily upon us. This is the problem i think in our education system.. WHAT is your thinking about the problems of our education system???
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@parpande (673)
• Bangalore, India
23 Sep 16
@likun123 Obviously there are many issues in India with education system - They are focused to design the syllabus tough as they think it would produce student with good intelligence, though the approach seems good. But they should meanwhile consider the syllabus useful as well along with difficulty. - Syllabus are designed by people who spend their life in books and are awarded with M Tech, PhD. These people are bright but I do not find the, worth while creating syllabus. People from industry having good experience should also be given a part to contribute in such verticals. - Instead of projects , pupils focus on just subjects. Be it a collegian or a school student they are obsessed to books, rather they should be given case studies to collect data , face the real challenges and at the end of tenure pupils must present them infront of panel. This ll make them more industry ready. In college curriculum must give weightage to some projects that can involve students to look into magazines like "Digit", "Linux for you" instead of reading plain content from Operating system book by Galvin
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