Online Hoaxes

@dfollin (12734)
United States
September 23, 2016 9:23pm CST
With some technicalities about the care and use of the footballs Tom Brady the head quarter back for the New England Patriots a National Football League team. was suspended for the first four weeks of this season. And last week the rookie quarter back that played second string and to play in Brady's place,Jimmy Garoppolo was hurt. Therefore there were no quarter backs on the team to play. There was a story going around that the famous, awesome retired quarterback to the Denver Broncos, Peyton Manning was going to play quarter back for the Patriots for two weeks till Tom Brady could return.......... NOT!......... HOAX! Yesterday there was a report supposably by the Associated Press that President Obama had signed an order to ban the American Pledge of Alligiance to be said in any school. I was shocked. A friend told me that it was not true. Last night I also spoke with a relative that told me that it must be true because it is spread all over the internet but she would call her friend that works for the FBI in the morning. Today I saw that it was spread all over the internet that it was not true. I told my relative and she called her friend that confirmed that it was a hoax! Oh yeah, by the way Jacoby Brissett is the quarter back for New England and they beat the beat the Texans 27- 0 last night!!!!!!!!!!!
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