Baskin: Not For The Squimish

@freak369 (5024)
United States
September 25, 2016 7:09pm CST
So you like horror movies with blood and guts but the stuff American cinemas have been churning out as of late just doesn't do it for you. Well, I can almost guarantee that Baskin will have you wide-eyed after the first twenty minutes of the movie. It's one of those rare movies that has a mind blowing plot, sex, blood, violence and something that will make you rethink 'hell'. First off, this is all subtitled so if you don't speak Turkish you are out of luck. It goes without saying that this is violent and filled with gore so I have no idea how IFC managed to get this on (even if it were an after midnight release). Seriously, even I did a jaw-drop when they got inside the old police station. But that's better left to view than to read about. I have seen more violent films and of course German porn (which skirts the fringe of being morally offensive to even hard core lovers) but none that have a better combination of both. If I could ask the producer one thing it would be how much money was spent on the blood. The old abandoned police station was probably next to nothing to rent, since the movie is shot 90% in low light there was no need for a huge. On a side note, make sure you watch the entire movie because certain things aren't revealed until the last minute. For me the biggest shock was learning the fate of Arda's mother. Some people might want to watch this a second time to pick up on all the little clues that ar4e lipped into it. If you ever wondered what hell was like, watch Baskin and you'll get a little sanguine sample. Photo: IFC Midnight
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@teamfreak16 (42401)
• Denver, Colorado
26 Sep 16
Sounds like something I'd watch.
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