How to Rise Through the Mess

@Teep11 (7003)
United States
September 28, 2016 8:25pm CST
If anyone wants to get anywhere then they'll need to ignore some walls. Walls are people who can't stand to see others try to "rise up!" Well no matter how many walls there are. A "determined" person will find a way. Will find other avenues to get to the destination. So when others are trying to stop what we're trying to create. That only means that we're doing things right. When there's so called haters. We're on the right path. Everyone has some light. Don't try to dim others light in an effort to feel better. No it's not was trying to move up and some stays it may seem as if we're at a standstill. Push and push. Meaning push through the rattlers. No one should ever stop shining because some can't handle that. In fact the noise makers are an indication that we're doing something right. When some have an idea where we're headed they may become outraged. Oh well. Go harder.
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@just4him (113396)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
2 Oct 16
I've always found that when I'm having more trouble than usual, I'm doing something right and the devil don't like it. Yea for me.
• Philippines
29 Sep 16
People envy and they just couldn't help even if they reason out that they're just expressing their opinion.
@stbrians (12569)
• Kakamega, Kenya
29 Sep 16
Poritivity,knowing you are right and forging ahead. That is good attitude