All Out War Against Illegal Drugs

October 1, 2016 9:58pm CST
What do you think of this. We know that crimes, terrorism and other activities against law and humanity, not all but most of them are influenced by the illegal drugs. What if all the country will have to fight against these drugs? Like the new administration we have here in the Philippines. They are doing all the best to get rid of these illegal drugs. More than 1,000 are killed in anti drugs operations because they fought back, thousand had been accused and als thousands had been surrendered to go with rehabilitation process even before the turning point of the new administration. What if the world will cioperate in this kind of operation. Can we achieve peace in this world?
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@vandana7 (66002)
• India
2 Oct 16
I think it is good idea. Agreed people will die, and some will be innocents too. But I would sacrifice a few so that more innocents in future do not get trapped into something like this. I am with your president.
2 Oct 16
We can