The Festival Dusserah in Nutshell

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Hyderabad, India
October 1, 2016 10:28pm CST
Dusserah is a festival celebrated all over India. The country though has got many different regions, religions, castes, tradtions, customs, and languages there are some festivals that are celebrated in every state all over the country and which contribute a lot in binding the forces of secularism, The festival Dussarah is one among such festival. For the convenience and understand of myLoters who are from different countries I watn to give a brief account of thei festival for their understanding and knowledge. jWhat is Dusserah festival? This is a Hindu festival. This is celebrated on the 10th day of bright half of the month of Ashvin (Aswayuja masam) as per the Hindu Calendar. The name is derived from the word Dasha-hara implies Dasasan Ravan meaning Ravan's Defeat. This festival is the 10th day of Navaratri festival. The Festival Navaratri is celebrated for Nine days. It consists of the worshiping of the Goddess Durga. Hence the other name Durga Puja for the festival. The Goddess Durga is worshiped in various forms for all the nine days. Each day she will be decorated with a particular dress and various names are given the Goddess. Day 1 the Goddess will be decorated with white saree and day 2 Green, Day 3 red, 6 that. As explained earlier the 10th day of the festival will be called Vijaya Dasami or Ayudha Puja. This is the festival of implements. All important implements in the houee or relating to one's own profession are worshiped. The Mysore and the Kolkata are the states which are highly known for the NAVRATRI FESTIVAL. During this festival the Palace of the Majaraja of Mysore will be richly decorated with lamps and dazzling lights.
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2 Oct 16
Nice to make others aware if Indian traditions.... I'm more excited about diwali
2 Oct 16
Are they Moors?