Fixing The Damaged Washing Machine

@ilocosboy (34315)
October 2, 2016 1:55am CST
How important is washing machine? Oh my, its the most important machine every Saturday and Sunday. Its washing day. So, when that is damaged, its stress. Lots of stress because you cannot finish the laundry. I think we'll gonna a new washing machine. I'm trying to fix the machine by trying to unclog and turning and turning and so on and so forth. To no avail. I think we're gonna need a new machine. But meanwhile, we are going to do a lot of work... through hand wash.
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@SIMPLYD (79727)
• Philippines
4 Oct 16
So , how was the manual washing of the clothes . It's hard not to have a washing machine . It's so tiring to hand wash clothes , specially bedsheets . Besides the clothes must be spinned so they're thoroughly wrung , since it's now the rainy season .
@magallon (18090)
• Philippines
3 Oct 16
Hand washing is okay if it's only few. But if its too many, my hands get bruises..
@skysnap (17817)
2 Oct 16
I think some of the time instead of fixing it, it's better to get a new one.
• New Delhi, India
2 Oct 16
I can understand the importance of washing machine.. All credit. To my little kid and his father I have loads of clothes to clean every alternate day.... I simply can't imagine what would I do if washing machine failed one day
@ridingbet (53025)
• Philippines
2 Oct 16
we have the new washing machine, not always used because we have a laundrywoman who comes every Tuesday; she however uses the dryer. do you wash your clothes on a Sunday? shouldn't this day be a rest day or a family day?