I Have No Hot Water!

United States
October 3, 2016 12:30am CST
I woke up this morning and went to wash my face. I quickly realized that the water was freezing and wasn't heating up. I went to my laundry room and checked the water tank and found that the pilot light went out. I'm very independent so instead of calling for help, I decided to try relighting it myself. I sat in front of the tank and read EVERY single thing on it so I would know what I was doing. What I learned instead was that there is a high risk of explosion in doing this task. Several times the instructions mentioned the dangers involved. I'm the type of person who could accidentally burn the house down just by walking into a room, tripping on a table, rolling over the coffee table, and knocking over a lit candle, which with my luck, would land in a barrel of gasoline. In other words, I'm clumsy and accident prone. Suddenly, reigniting the pilot light seemed like a suicide mission. I decided to call for help instead. The maintenance guy came over and couldn't do it. He had to call someone else who wasn't able to come over right away and I'm currently still awaiting a phone call from him to find out when he can help. In the meantime, I am heating up water on my stove and filling the bathtub with it because I refuse to take a freezing cold shower. Fun times! lol
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@paigea (22453)
• Canada
7 Oct 16
Been there, done that. (heating water on the stove)
@just4him (124041)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
6 Oct 16
I hope you have your water heater working again. I had to call maintenance yesterday because my water heater wasn't working either. Thankfully he only needed to hit the reset button. I couldn't do it because they have a plate screwed over the reset button so people can't change the water settings no doubt.
@JohnRoberts (60972)
• Los Angeles, California
3 Oct 16
That's a cold way to begin your day.
@teamfreak16 (41175)
• Colorado Springs, Colorado
3 Oct 16
That's gotta be a drag.
@Platespinner (17045)
• Winston Salem, North Carolina
3 Oct 16
It's hard to imagine that one of the things we take for granted would have been an unheard of luxury through most of history. I'm with you, though, no cold showers for me either!
@sharon6345 (135333)
• United States
3 Oct 16
I can't take a cold bath or shower either. No way.
@TRBRocks420 (81072)
• Banks, Oregon
3 Oct 16
Dang that sucks and, glad you didn't explode Lol. Hope who ever comes next knows what they are doing.