Didn't I Just Say That??

United States
October 6, 2016 3:10pm CST
Oh, my goodness yesterday was NOT my day for people listening to me. Now, often times it's understandable on writing sites that the words get lost in translation, but when you're face to face!!! Or maybe it's just because people don't let you finish what you were saying!!! I recently talked to my mom and she said one day she got up from her chair and the next thing she knew my brother was asking her if she was o.k., she was on the floor. She has her blood sugar monitored every three months and she said she didn't feel dizzy when she got up. The hubby was telling his mom about it and since she use to be a nurse over 30+ years ago, she said what it might be. She asked me if I knew what it was and I said it had some thing to do with her blood pressure. The MIL said "NO" and after a 15 minute explanation.."YES" it had some thing to do with her blood pressure!! So, yes, I was right!! Then later on my hubby and I were discussing something and I said something and he told me "NO" then another 10 minutes explanation and I was saying the same thing only if fewer words and less time!! Does this happen to you, when you're saying something and someone else interrupts and tells you that's not right or they tell you the same thing you said only it takes them longer to say what you just said? ~Peace~ photo courtesy of pixabay
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@ms1864 (6975)
• Bangalore, India
7 Oct 16
Yes. It happens to me too. People are rarely listening. It feels like they don't want to know my opinion...they just want to use me to vent.
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• New Delhi, India
7 Oct 16
Don't worry.. Sone times it happens and you feel noone is listening to us
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• Jacksonville, Florida
6 Oct 16
Yeah my husband does this to me at times and I look at him like he has 3 heads! Lol
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