Patience in the Land of Wonder (Part 4) The Battle

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October 9, 2016 4:17pm CST
The Rocking Reps were fascinating, intelligent creatures. They looked like giant stone reptiles. They had snake-like tongues. Their skin was a purplish green. It was quite leathery. The eyes darted constantly. They had a keen sense of smell. As for their size, each one was over 15 feet long. They moved on all fours. The Rocking Reps communicated by sound waves. They looked scary from a distance. One of the worse powers of the Rocking Reps was their ability to ram into objects and absolutely destroy them. Patience was about to encounter 30 of these terrifying creatures. Hugo was the leader of the Rocking Reps. He spoke before the other Reps and said, "There is a girl that stands in our way of destroying Creedle. I want you to demolish this place. Leave no one alive except for the girl. I shall personally handle her myself." Hugo then gave an enormous bellowing sound that signaled the battle was on. Patience saw the enemy from a distance. What should she do first? What spell should she cast. "Oh Mister OB, I can see them approaching. What should I do? They look so frightening." "Be brave," said OB. "Start with the first spell. Shock will announce to all that you are a force to be reckoned with. Wait until they are about 300 feet away." "Okay, I will do it. I just hope the punch knocks the Rocking Reps for a loop." Hugo motioned the Rocking Reps to attack from three different sides. "It's annihilation time!" Patience readied her mind and body to cast the spell. Here goes, though Patience. "Shock and fire aspire." The Rocking Reps were struck down. Fire went through their bodies. "Hugo, she has the Scar Magic. It pains," said Dorth. "Yes, that is why we must capture her and mind enable her," said Hugo. "Shock and fire release," shouted Hugo. Immediately, the spell was broken. Patience became alarmed. "They broke the spell. What should I do next," she asked. Oscar approached Patience. "It's Hammer time. Chant the words." Patience blinked three times and said, "Hammer Head Bed." The Rocking Reps looked confused. There was tremendous pain in their heads. Braxon, the Elder Rep, banged into a Wampo tree. "Hugo, my head feels like it is about to explode. Do something." Hugo seethed in anger. "Hammer Head Dead," he shouted. Just like that, the spell was broken once again. Patience was very alarmed. "Nothing stops the Rocking Reps for long. They keep on coming. Look, one Rocking Rep has just blown fire upon a Blueberry bird. She's dead! Help me. I need weapons. Mister OB please, I only know one more spell. Mister OB looked at Patience and said, "It's time for the third chant. Even the great Hugo will have a difficult time stopping this chant from doing its work." Patience said, "Monster Awe Power." The Rocking Reps felt a wave of fear penetration their very souls. Bador Monsters, Elfin Monsters, Creavens and Deinzors all magically appeared. Hugo was as frightened as everyone else. "Her magic is too powerful," said Dorth. "She will kill us all." "I have no answer for this," said Hugo. "We must retreat for now. We cannot stop all the Monsters that we see before us. There are too many, and they are too strong. Uhru Uhru," screamed Hugo. This was the call to retreat. "We shall be back," said Hugo. "Your victory is short lived. Your demise is a foregone conclusion." The Rocking Reps retreated to the Green Spider's Forest. "Yes, a small victory," said Oscar. "We need to plan for a renewed assault. Hugo will find a way to render your last spell useless. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve, as you Humonds would say. I believe that we have another two more hours to prepare." The first battle was successful. Could Mister OB and Oscar come up with new ideas in time before the Rocking Reps returned. Stay tune for Part 5.
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Go witchy!!!! Can't wait to read more!