What happens next?

@Jackalyn (6836)
Oxford, England
October 12, 2016 2:37am CST
I wave to Abi the Nigerian. He's hurrying up the road wearing a camel coat, his collar turned up against the rain. He's holding a black umbrella, a mobile phone pressed to one ear. A blue shopping bag stuffed with groceries shows he has been to the village shop. I decide to go there myself. The shop is not far away. There is a small cafe in one corner serving breakfast. I sit on a flimsy plastic chair beside a grubby table. Making up a story provides distraction from the poor quality food they serve. The Cappuccino is lukewarm. The bacon sandwich drenched in brown sauce which drips onto my coat. There is no napkin. The assistant has forgotten to provide one. The story continues to form in my head. It begins: An African man hurries along, a mobile phone pressed to one ear, carrying a black umbrella.
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@MALUSE (43423)
• Uzbekistan
12 Oct 16
A tear is running down his cheek when he hears from his mother back home that the sun is shining brightly. Why, oh why, did he decide to come to England?
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@paigea (22484)
• Canada
27 Oct 16
A great story starter!