Good workout this morning

@NJChicaa (44798)
United States
October 12, 2016 8:02am CST
I had the opportunity for a morning workout today because work is closed for the Jewish holiday. After our warmup we had 3 stations: 1) T-bar obstacle course (carry 135 pounds around) and then do 30 seconds of mountain climbers (4 times) 2) Band super squats (15) (6 sets) 3) a-Double kettlebell deadlifts 8 (4 times) b-Double kettlebell rows 10 (4 times) The finisher was Prowler suicides where we had to push it high to a point and then push it low back to the start, push it high all the way the length of the gym, and then push it low all the way back. We did that 3 times. Like I said, it was a good workout. We've had harder ones but the Prowler suicide finisher made up for it at the end.
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