When There's Work to be Done

@Teep11 (7196)
United States
October 12, 2016 9:39pm CST
When it's time to handle business. There's no time to focus on what can be considered as distractions. If tasks have to be accomplished then that's what nerds to occur. No amount of noise should hinder the "process." Time for work. Time to work. Getting the job or jobs done is a necessary component in productivity. We seem to fair better when we're being productive. There's a time for work and a time for play. When the tasks are presented then we must complete those tasks. When there's a finalization then play can occur. Play simply means kicking back and having some fun. There will always be those little things that will try to distract the process. Focusing on what needs to be completed is important. Some may not understand when we need to finish up assignments. That's alright. Whether others understand or not. We need to do what we need to do. Even if the tasks are time consuming. It's complete the tasks to avoid being over loaded. That's when stress enters. Putting too much on a plate. To avoid having so many tasks at once. We must complete most or all the tasks that are presented currently.
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@Aingeal (436)
• United States
25 Oct 16
I have a daily task list and thankfully the person whom I am dating understands, since I work at home, work must be done. That I am a scheduling and list person and my list must be done before I go to bed. Though tonight that may not be the case because my list is so long, however, I know I will be up for a bit getting my list done. I completely understand what you are saying. Play always comes second for me. However, the bills have to be paid and things must be done, regardless how much you wish to just kick back. Excellent post once again Teep, I like your thought process. Aingeal
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@miniam (9233)
• Bern, Switzerland
14 Oct 16
Like you, l always want to finish my assignments in time,if i let things pile up, l loose control of what needs to be done.
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