Doomsday III: Rogue Planet

@nanette64 (18348)
Fairfield, Texas
October 15, 2016 11:29am CST
In continuation of the History channels Doomsday, this one would be just as fast as the last one (Black Hole). There are hundreds of millions of rogue planets in the solar systems and gravitational pull is what sometimes throws these planets off their tracks. Imagine a planet 17 times our mass (size of Neptune) with rings surrounding it like Saturn, traveling at 72,000 mph approaching Earth. Strong winds and high tides within 24 hours would be early indicators of a problem. With 4 hours left before impact, people would see the moon crossing the path and exploding, knocking out orbital satellites and within 3 1/2 hours, panic would set in with the rogue planet being only 250,000 miles away. With 1 hour left, the Earth begins to shake and earthquakes begin. With 45 minutes left, the Earth enters the outer rings which are made of ice and rock and when they hit our atmosphere, they explode sending deafening sound waves. Europe and Asia would be affected first and meteor showers would begin and the ice and rock would also explode; as was the case of the meteor hit in Russia in 2013. People would suffer burns and hit with falling debris as the shock wave would get stronger as the planet passed through the rings. With 40 minutes left, gravity pulls on Earth's atmosphere causing winds of 770 mph and buildings would collapse. At 30,000 miles away, friction and heat would create volcanic activity and the 1500 volcanoes would start to erupt and explode and level everything including mountain ranges. Winds would calm as the atmosphere would be pulled into space. Within 25 minutes, there would be no oxygen and everything on the surface would be dead; however, any submarines 1,000 feet below the surface of the ocean would start to lift off the planet because of gravity. With 1 minute left and the rogue planet only 1200 miles away, the Earth would be pulled and stretched and it would explode causing a meteor storm to the rogue planet. A submarine and ocean water would float in space temporarily but 2 minutes after collision, the water would be boiled away and the sub would heat up and vaporize. There was a project called Orion in 1958 where scientists were working on starting colonies on different planets and designing space craft just in case of an incident like this one happened. It was cancelled in 1965. This Doomsday incident would be very fast according to: Greg Laughlin-astrophysicist; Ben McGee-geophysicist; Dan Durda-planetary scientist and Leslie Looney-astronomer.
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@salonga (27952)
• Philippines
16 Oct 16
The end of the world is taught in the Bible and so I believe that it will happen. It will be fast, very fast and nothing will be left.
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