Your Tax Dollars NOT At Work

@FourWalls (15252)
United States
October 17, 2016 9:34pm CST
I received another check today for my travel expenses to the VA hospital. The check was for -- sit down, hold on tight -- sixty four cents. Yes, that's $0.64. I just put a check in the bank for the same amount this morning (it arrived over the weekend). Tomorrow I'll probably have another 64-cent check waiting when I get home. Here's your tax dollars NOT at work. The VA docks veterans $18 a month in travel expenses in the guise of "saving the government money." Those $0.64 checks are supposed to be $6.64. They're robbing veterans to save money. So how do they save money? By issuing veterans one check a month for their cumulative travel expenses to the hospital? Of course not! The six bucks they saved by not paying me was spent -- and then some -- on cutting three 64-cent checks (instead of writing one for $1.92) and mailing them, individually, to me. Oy. Here's a fun Talking Heads song with a very sarcastic title.
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• Eugene, Oregon
18 Oct 16
What in the world was that based on I wonder?
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@JohnRoberts (63160)
• Los Angeles, California
18 Oct 16
Where do they dock the $18 bucks from? This is a prime example of illogical government at work and how badly you vets are treated. You guys are docked money but by God there's money for other things.
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@teamfreak16 (41406)
• Colorado Springs, Colorado
18 Oct 16
Seriously? .64ยข? They might as well not bother.
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@allen0187 (33914)
• Philippines
18 Oct 16
'The government sure makes a lot of sense!' - said no one ever!
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@celticeagle (119865)
• Boise, Idaho
18 Oct 16
Always amazing how the government does things.