What's so Important about WikiLeaks Revelations?

October 18, 2016 7:28pm CST
Being an IT person, my husband shrugged off my deep concens about the 33,000+ plus emails Clinton camp BleachedBit/ed after the Congress investigation subpoenaed them. And hammered their phones and laptops before the questioning. Why? I looked everywhere in the media about what's the Clinton email scandal is all about? But the reporting from the mainstream news is appallingly disappointing. No substance there, at all. So, Fox News came to my rescue, which, I trust, so far, since. Then, came WikiLeaks! The avalanche of WikiLeaks revelation on the Clinton camp is just so much to digest. But I feel, with careful chewing, are easily digestible. Thus, people can make our own intelligent conclusion, ourselves. If only journalists have been doing their job in investigative reporting truth, WikiLeaks would not have been doing what they do now. In the video, they've highlighted-- in bullets, WikiLeaks: Clinton Campaign Exposed. My husband and I agree and understand now why WikiLeaks exists. Watch "Hannity 10/17/16 : Newt Gingrich ,Laura Ingraham ,Ainsley Earhardt ,Judge Jeanine Pirro ,Niger Innis" on YouTube
Hannity 10/17/2016 SUBCRIBE https://goo.gl/SO02s2 Fox News Channel (FNC), also known as Fox News, is an American basic cable and satellite news television ch...
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@JohnRoberts (65416)
• Los Angeles, California
19 Oct 16
It's all there in the emails and videos: all the illegal actions and collusion and exposing how Clinton really feels about things. What more do people need to hear: from her lips she expressed her contempt for the little people.
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• United States
25 Oct 16
Unfortunately for Trump, the liberal media (which is most of the media) barely mentions Wikileaks and when they do, they blame the Russians and pivot off the issue. Fox is the only station that does cover it but most liberals will never see it because they don't watch Fox.
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• Australia
27 Oct 16
Actually, people are smarter and angrier than we think. The American people are awakening to the the evils that the corrupt Clintons, Obama, DNC and lawless operatives are manipulating the elections to get Hillary put in place in the WH. Project Veritas revealing investigative reports are widely spread. We are praying because greater good is on the side of Trump Train and the USA. And the power of God will expose the evil deeds of the entire Democrat system.
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• Midland, Michigan
27 Oct 16
I've only been hearing about wikileakks this year, but we do watch fox somewhat. My husband more than I.