He Is Unemployed But He Still Goes Out To Restaurant To Eat

@TLilly15 (1772)
Newport News, Virginia
October 19, 2016 8:46pm CST
This man that just, lost his job because he fell asleep, behind the wheel was asking me did I want to go out, to eat with him and his brother, and this wife I told him no I didn't, have any more money, now what get me is this man, just lost his job and he is still going out, to restaurant to eat and he knows, he don't have the money to pay for a dinner, I know he don't think, I was ging to pay got a dinner for him, and he just borrow money from some one, to put gas in his car, and this man will take a long time, to pay people back the money, he borrowed from them, he did this to another person,so I don't deal with people like this, I don't care what you are going through, when you get money from me, I will be in your face to get it back, and I have stopped giving people money, because of this very reason, they don't pay you back.
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@Sasquatchy (1144)
• Canada
20 Oct 16
There are always people like that. Sometimes it's simply because they don't know how to handle their money, other times it's just because they are bums and want to mooch off of people.
@annierose (18955)
• Philippines
20 Oct 16
It is a good thing to help but there are some people abuse it. I had a colleague before who was like that. He kept on borrowing from different people in the school. I lent him money once. He did not pay for it even I already asked him for it. From that time on, I told myself I will not lend him money again.
@GardenGerty (106807)
• United States
20 Oct 16
It is wise not to lend money, because it is hard to get it back.