Devil's Knot: Revisiting “The West Memphis Three”

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October 19, 2016 10:12pm CST
May 5, 1993 probably started out like any other day for Stevie Branch, Chris Byers and Michael Moore. Sadly, it ended with parents worried sick about their missing children a community demanding for answers and eventually swift justice. If you heard about the murders when they first happened or saw any of the other productions then you know the basics but ever I was caught off guard with a couple of the “facts” that turned out to be fake. This was released in 2013 but it uses a lot of old footage (which they did a crappy job of labeling) but there are some extremely graphic scenes. The bodies were found in / near water after going missing three days earlier so there is bloating, skin slippage and mangled body parts. The footage used for Devil's Knot is not authentic or from police footage. You do see the words “based on a true story” which is only partly true because no one else has been arrested since Jason, Damien and Jesse were released after DNA cleared them. There's nothing wrong with this but there's nothing that grabs you can compels you to watch the whole thing. It's almost like they stopped filming and came back a couple years later, added some text and called it a wrap. There are still people who think that the original three were guilty but the DNA evidence and admission of circumventing the law are virtually impossible to refute. If you saw Paradise Lost I, Paradise Lost II and the third as well as other independent productions you'll have the basics but not why they were killed, why it was so hard to find credible evidence and if other child murders in the area could be connected to this one. Photo:
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20 Oct 16
Wow that was scary. I am scared.. no sleep for me tonight!