Yes you can do a manual backup when you have a scheduled backup.

Dallas, Texas
October 24, 2016 9:29am CST
Windows 7 backup and restore lets you run the backup on a scheduled basis so you don't have to bother with it because it runs in the background automatically. But if you decide to run a backup on your own within the time frame of a scheduled backup it is possible to do so without any problems. For instance, if you have deleted files on a backup already and reformatted the external backup drive for reasons like clearing out a possible bug or virus found by an antivirus scan and you want to start clean or you have deleted lots of files from your computer and don't need them on your backup. You can begin a manual backup at for instance, 7:00 PM that may take several hours to finish, even if your Windows 7 backup and restore program is scheduled to perform an automatic backup at 8:00 PM the next hour. The manual backup will override the scheduled automatic one. Then after the backup is finished, hours later, it will resume the status of the next scheduled automatic backup as per your preference settings for that backup program. At one time I actually was uncertain about this until I ran a manual backup that overlapped a scheduled one and it worked perfectly. In other words, the backup program did not try to do a second process because it was aware of the fact this process was already being performed. That is smart programming.
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27 Oct 16
I just hope your computer is O.K. I am not great at computers details like that but when you need to fix something like I guess you got to do what you got to do, to save money too.