Couponing is very rewarding…

@Aingeal (437)
United States
October 25, 2016 8:46pm CST
How many on here coupon? I mean really sit down, cut and seek them out, sign up for things like Checkout 51, Ibotta and different sites like that? Also gather all the Grocery ads for the week and go through them and circle them for the best deals and match up the coupons to go with them? I know that for me, couponing has saved me at least $30 with every grocery visit I make. Though mind you, it is not a task you are going to have done in an hour and boom you are done. I work every day cutting out a certain amount of coupons at the end of the day while watching a movie or something on T.V., go through the flyers, making shopping list and getting everything ready for the shopping trip. It has been well worth it since I have started because I have saved well over $100 in a month off my bills. And we are talking things that are expensive like Gluten Free foods since I am a Celiac and it cost a fortune to begin with. Please share your experiences. Thanks for stopping by, Aingeal
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@marlina (83308)
• Canada
26 Oct 16
Sorry no experience to share here about coupons as the ones we have in Canada are not very interesting.
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@Aingeal (437)
• United States
28 Oct 16
Oh my, that is too bad Marlina. My couponing helps me so much here where I am. You brought up a good point though, not every country is the same with couponing. Thank you so much.