Lawin was strong but Filipinos are stronger...

@tipay26 (873)
October 25, 2016 11:47pm CST
That's how we cope up after a storm.Not entirely the storm with strong winds and heavy rains but in all aspect of our lives.Bayanihan spirit is still alive in our nation and i'm glad that we are still doing it after so many years.If you will just watch news and updates about typhoon lawin., you will see that there is a lot of bridges and roads that has been damaged specially in northern luzon .People walked out of their way and made it their best to assist typhoon victims so that they can get the aids and relief goods from the government.Luckily there is just minimal casualties compared to the ones with typhoon yolanda.President Duterte and his gabinets is really doing a great job in reconstructing the Philippines.I just hope and pray that he will have a strong body., a strong mind to fulfill and to continue helping the needy despite the rumors and bad publicity others are spreading against him.You will notice in the picture that barangay officials, policemen, firemen and even ordinary people is helping their way out to assist and help the typhoon victims.all of these is because of unity and bayanihan system.I hope that all of us can do the same not only if there is a disaster but everyday of our lives., let's help each other to help this world we live in.nothing is imposible if we care and we give love.
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@ms1864 (6986)
• Bangalore, India
26 Oct 16
It is always nice to see people find ways to help each other in times like these.....
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@louievill (18676)
• Philippines
26 Oct 16
Filipinos will survive, we survived Undoy, Yolanda and lately Lawin, I will give credit to the Filipino people and our countrymen's undaunting Spirit. As for our Government, all of us have our own opinions, I will leave it at that.
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@FayeHazel (18042)
• United States
27 Oct 16
I hope everyone is alright...