Rest in peace man I barely knew

Peoria, Arizona
October 26, 2016 8:39pm CST
I recently learned that a great great uncle of my family has passed away. It happened yesterday. He was in the last stages of rapid dementia. I did not know him very well, so I feel bad that I am not exactly sad. I cry over celebrities dying, I would not talk to anyone for 3 days after Christina Grimmie's death. But, this person was family. He was my great grandma's brother. I do not feel sad, I feel sad for the family. I feel sad for his wife, for his kids. I don't really feel grim about the loss. He was old and suffering. He no longer has to suffer. I just wish I could feel a little more sad, but I can't because I didn't really know him. I think I met him twice, that is all. Have you had this situation happen? Not feeling sad about a family member passing?
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