My Ten Favorite Woman Songs: Hard Luck Woman (#7)

@FourWalls (16258)
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October 27, 2016 8:44pm CST
From an idea started by @teamfreak16 -- favorite songs with "girl" in the title, I've gone to favorite boy songs and now favorite women songs. Here's the next song in the list, and probably one of the oddest song on the list. #7: Hard Luck Woman - Kiss Yeah, that sounds interesting after Aretha, Doyle & Debbie, and the Stampeders, doesn't it!? And wait till you see tomorrow's song! No, I was not a big Kiss fan. I understand why a lot of people were drawn to their theatrical shows, though. My favorite Kiss songs are the two you'd expect me to like: Peter Criss's ballad "Beth," and this one. Fun trivia: I was on the radio in a small town in western Kentucky (WTTL), still dreaming of being a DJ one day while a teenager, and I introduced this song as "Rod Stewart doing his Kiss impersonation." Drummer Peter Criss also sang lead on this one. And, yes, he does sound like Rod Stewart. The Picky Wedia entry said that Paul Stanley actually wrote this for Rod Stewart, but after the success of the ballad Kiss kept it for themselves. That seemed to be a smart move. "Hard Luck Woman" made the Billboard top 15 in early 1977. Kiss has turned more into a soap opera than a theatrical band, thanks to a number of personnel changes and arguments among former members. Nevertheless, they were rightfully inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014. And, as Jimmy Buffett once said in a song, don't try to describe a Kiss concert if you've never seen it. Hard Luck Woman Written by Paul Stanley Recorded by Kiss From Rock and Roll Over, 1976 The classic Kiss song:
If never I'd met you I'd never have seen you cry If not for our first "Hello" We'd never have to say goodbye If never I held you My feelin's would never show...
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@JohnRoberts (67098)
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28 Oct 16
So you weren't a charter member of the KISS Army?
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@FourWalls (16258)
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28 Oct 16
I guess my membership application got lost in the mail.