Love thirsty will die of thirst

Moradabad, India
October 28, 2016 12:00am CST
If there is something very hard to find in the world, it is only love. People take the love very lightly but in my opinion, only physical love is easy not the spiritual love.The young generation thinks that only physical love is enough in the life. It is merely attraction of body that comes down in some time or years. The love affair that is shown in films is flirt only that ends with the scene. Sudden love is a flirt because it may be with many at a time. The young generation is badly impressed with this exhibition of love. In my opinion, if there is a true love is present , it is present in the heart of mothers that begins with the cradle and ends in the grave. If you love only one person,it means your love is confined, if you love more than one person, it means your love is extending , if you love the whole creature , it means you are a real human being. If you love God , it means your love is immortal that will not perish with your body.
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