What is the dumbest reason that a person has been arrested for?

North Las Vegas, Nevada
October 30, 2016 6:18am CST
What do you think? I recently watched a video on a channel called "Top10s" that had a title of "10 bizarre reasons that people were arrested" Included in the video, the list was full of indeed bizarre and funny reasons such as: Opening X-mas gifts too early, Having sex with street signs, Stealing Dog poop, Not returning a football or even Farting.. So, what's your dumbest reason that you personally know a person has been arrested for it? Farting and Opening X-mas gifts early still beats me.. What kind of parent would report that to the police I mean..
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31 Mar 17
The law is harsh with respect to its citizens sometimes absolutely innocent people get into jail.
• Philippines
30 Oct 16
wow talk about useless reasons to get arrested. Unless the cop is HOT