Ads around myLot..

North Las Vegas, Nevada
October 30, 2016 3:34pm CST
This is something that I'd want to discuss with some senior members here.. All these years being a part on myLot, discussing, creating, interacting.. Some banners are popping up, quietly, unwilling to interfere your browsing, there are always some quiet Ad standing by. My real question is... Have you thought of clicking one of them? They are not always boring, you could learn something from the content behind it And plus we are helping our admins to maintain this lovely site. Why? Because paying here for over 8 years, myLot has been here since 2005. The only thing that we could do for them is clicking their advertisements. That will increase their profit and help them maintain they site, to keep financing all of us. I am not trying to be a$$licker, nor pushing anything, but I thought about this one because they never interfere with our work, they just happen to be there, regardless if somebody would click or not. I personally clicked one just to feel myself like a little loving angel.. P.S, Admin I expect 10 bucks added into my account balance tomorrow. Just joking, now seriously, have you ever thought of them?
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