Are You a Game Of Thrones Fan?

Quezon, Philippines
November 3, 2016 11:51am CST
If you are, then maybe, just like me, you are dying to watch the upcoming Season 7. I heard the White Walkers have dragons, too! Daenerys is leading a conquest to Westeros, I wonder what kind of welcoming committee does Cersie has in store for them? I think it is Arya's job to finish all the people behind the murder of her family. I can't wait to see this feisty girl back in action and she's sailing to Westeros! And of course, Jon Snow, when will he and Bran get to see each other again? If the reunion with Sansa was touching, I bet his meeting with Arya will be more emotional. And then there is Tyrion, one of the best actors of the series. I admire his wit, talent rally comes in all sizes. Well, all of these are positive thoughts, but if you have been following the series like me, you know very well that there is a possibility that some good characters will die and there will arise new villains. I just hope the writers don't kill all the protagonists and leave Cersei as the last woman standing. Oh Gosh, i'm dying of anticipation!
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• United States
27 Jan 17
I agree. I can't wait for a Stark family reunion. I'm also excited to see how Sansa and Arya would treat each other, given everything they've each been through.
@Mike197602 (13937)
• United Kingdom
3 Nov 16
I like the tv series better than the books. Book 4 was especially slow I am looking forward to the new series.
@skysnap (18044)
3 Nov 16
I like game of thrones too.