roscoe at 2 oclock

United States
November 5, 2016 8:36am CST
2 in the morning, that is. He woke me up to go out and 2 a.m. I told him it was too early. he went back to sleep but i couldn't he woke up at 4 again and I let the dogs out. he woke up the next night at two and I told him it was too early again. he only did that the two nights,thank goodness
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@rebelann (42833)
• El Paso, Texas
21 Nov 16
Dogs do that to us sometimes, Ally has been wanting out at 4 am these last few days, I think the wild rabbits from across the street come into my yard at night and she wants to chase them.
@Jessicalynnt (47880)
• Centralia, Missouri
7 Nov 16
yeah I hate the middle of the night gotta wee doggie runs!
@Tampa_girl7 (26229)
• United States
6 Nov 16
2 in the morning is a rough time to get up
@Daljinder (22183)
• India
6 Nov 16
Wow! That is way too early!
• United States
6 Nov 16
critters're kinda funny that way. glad such behavior ceased, hon.
@JudyEv (134905)
• Bunbury, Australia
6 Nov 16
Hopefully he is getting into a better routine now.
@jennyjoy (1966)
• Bangalore, India
5 Nov 16
The tummy may have been uneasy,so once that settled down so did he.