He's trying

November 7, 2016 12:43am CST
We sent my 3 year old son to school last June. It's not official, actually. Just wanted him to learn to interact with other kids. He knows how to recite and can identify things but when they proceed to writing lessons he lost his interest in school. He doesn't want to recite the ABC's anymore because he got so bored of the daily recitation, he said he already knows the letters but why they keep on reciting it everyday. He hates writing because according to him, he doesn't know how to write and when I try to teach him, his attention is on other things. Yesterday, I was writing a dedication in one of the cake orders and my little boy sat beside me. It was the first time, and I was happy to see that he was able to copy the letters on the cake on his own. He wrote it in a piece of card board that I used for packaging.. haha1
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@ilocosboy (38612)
• Philippines
7 Nov 16
that is the fruit of his schooling.
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@SIMPLYD (84425)
• Philippines
7 Nov 16
Children easily gets bored in doing things . They always like something new .
@skysnap (18038)
7 Nov 16
well it's fun i guess :D