Home wi-fi getting hard to find

Kingston, New York
November 8, 2016 1:38pm CST
Many moons ago with land line phones there was a lot of Compton for home internet service Cell phones were just coming out . Now Today were I live I do not have A landline or i would have NetZero I always like Their service. But in my area now without a landline net zero is not in my area they have some kind of home with - Fi. For some reason New York state making it hard for other with Fi services to come in
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• Rochester, New York
9 Nov 16
I am thinking about getting a land line for my bedroom when my cell phone isn't up and running.
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• Kingston, New York
10 Nov 16
Today a lot of land lines are not true land line I know some one who got this thing they say was a land line but he can not use any body internet dial but the phone company that put in this land line it more like some kind of wi-fi there now wires needed. My friend want to use net zero but could not