@neersha (250)
Delhi, India
November 9, 2016 10:14pm CST
I love swimming,I leart it in my college time when i join NCC in my college. But I never try to go into deep side of swimming pool. Thats why I always try to swim in Sea in my dreams but never succeed. I have fear of water. Thats not to stop, swimming is a game as well as exercise it built our stamina and height.
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@ms1864 (6973)
• Bangalore, India
10 Nov 16
It is nice you still try to go into the pool even if you have a fear....i do the same thing. But i don't mind entering the ocean sometimes.
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• India
10 Nov 16
Fear of swimming is a very common thing. I think you should really try and overcome it. It won't happen in a day. But you could definitely try practicing for a while. Don't give though. Keep trying :)
@RitzzView (2758)
• India
10 Nov 16
How you love to swim when you fear water? Is it like you're challenging yourself and something that kind?
@acelawrites (12768)
• Philippines
10 Nov 16
You can conquer that fear; just wear safety gadgets.
@jstory07 (72476)
• Roseburg, Oregon
10 Nov 16
Stay in the water where it is not that deep. I love swimming and the exercise is good for you.